Emotional Connections in Relationships

Lack of emotional connection between partners is the main reason for the widespread unfulfilling relationships witnessed today. A strong emotional connection between partners is the foundation of a fulfilling relationship.

When you build a strong emotional connection with your spouse, it becomes easier to iron out disagreements and cope with each other during trying moments. However, a fulfilling relationship requires a lot of time and effort.

The following are top tips to help you build a strong emotional connection with your partner:

Building a trusting relationship

Let your partner know that they can count on you when they are most vulnerable. However, trust is something that takes time and must be earned. Try as much as possible to be honest and reliable. Make it clear that its safe to share anything with you. This way, your spouse will know that you care and value them.

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Forgive and pursue healing

Whenever there is hurt in a relationship, its best to come together and resolve the issue. Unresolved hurt does not heal on its own. It requires expression of regret and remorse from the injuring partner. The hurt partner should desist from criticizing the other party’s character or putting emphasis on their faults. Both of you should strive to comprehend what caused the hurt and establish its significance. Once the injuring partner takes responsibility for the hurt, they should reassure their spouse that it wont happen again. That is the only way forgiveness and healing will take shape.

Engage in open discussions

Share personal ideas and thoughts with your partner every time. Spend quality time together and talk about personal subjects like life aspirations , challenges and fears. Doing this, you cultivate a sense of shared perception and will help spice up your sex life.

Appreciate your partner from time to time

Much as they might have done a few things to warrant scolding , chances are that they have done one or two pleasant things. Take every opportunity and appreciate those things.

Physical touch

Show them physical affection by giving them daily hugs, touches and kisses. Do not let a day pass without kissing, holding hands, hugging or giving each other a high-five. Physical proximity does wonders in establishing an emotional connection regardless of how simple it may look.

In case you lose an emotional connection with your spouse, do not let it last for long. Losing touch with your significant other for long in the name of punishing them may cause things to fall apart. The longer it takes to re-establish , the more difficult it will become to achieve an emotional re-connection.

Above all, try as much as possible to overcome obstacles to a deep and lasting connection. These include; fighting, egocentricity, unnecessary arguments, cheating and so forth.

A strong emotional connection with your partner enhances every aspect of your relationship. Try the above-mentioned tips with your spouse and you will find a true, strong emotional connection that will lead to a fulfilling relationship.


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