The robots are coming. Indeed, the sex robots are already here, and available to order off the internet. But a new report is warning about the ethics of the life-like dolls, saying they have the potential to vastly change the sexual landscape. Those robotic sex dolls can’t be found […]

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Interestingly I found this article today about the future of sex robots.  While this maybe a taboo subject in some circles, it really goes to the heart of the human condition and where we are going as a species. Having a relationship with a machine is one thing, having sex with it is another. It’s mildly

For several thousand dollars, users can custom-order the robots to their own specifications. Not only can the dolls look the way users want, they can recognize and respond to certain voices, carry on conversations, and even be programmed to behave like reserved, shy women, or wild, “party girls.” (The websites also sell male dolls, but they account for a fraction of the sales of female robots)

But in a report released earlier this month, entitled “Our Sexual Future With Robots,” the Foundation for Responsible Robotics argues that wThe future is coming: Will sex robots open a door to darker human urges?hile the dolls could offer comfort to some, they could also worsen the exploitation of women, shift perceptions about consent, and be used to indulge in dangerous or even illegal sexual practices.

Dr. Aimee van Wynsberghe, an FRR co-director and assistant professor in ethics and technology at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, says sex dolls are not new. What is new, though, is their ability to interact with humans.disturbing, albeit a little fascinating!

“Right now, we see it’s mostly the porn industry that is pushing the development of these sex robots. So it’s a female representation and it’s a very pornographic image of the female body,” she said, which could promote the objectification or exploitation of the female body.

While the porn industry itself has a seedy undertone to many, the advances that the industry has made due to utilizing technology to the fullest advantage has really helped us in many ways. For example, the improvement in advertising technology and streaming video were revolutionized but the porn industry.

It will be interesting to see if the same happens with sex robots, and by extension, robotics as a whole. I for one though can’t see how it’s going to help anyone with a relationship they need to work on with their partner!